Beneath the hard hats

Behind every great construction project lies a team of inspired people focused on achieving the impossible

Like the infrastructure projects we complete for clients, what lies beneath every impressive final build is a team of hand-selected, highly-skilled people inspired to achieve things they thought they never could. Entrepreneurs at heart, our leadership team, our people and the culture we’ve built together, are fueled by passion, collaboration and inspiration with one goal in mind – to exceed client expectations on all fronts.


Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for transforming complex projects into streamlined works of art by orchestrating fluid collaboration between people, technology and tools. Highly skilled in life science, health care and infrastructure projects, we hand-select a limited number of clients in specific markets to focus our expertise and produce exemplary results – resulting in 98% repeat client business.


Fusing advanced technology with grassroots talent, our key executives play a hands-on, strategic and tactical role in all projects from concept to completion to optimize time, costs and quality – in turn, exceeding expectations inside and out for every completed project.


At Sterling Construction, what lies beneath the hard hats is just as important as the product we produce.


Let’s build something together.

Sterling Construction Market Expertise



Multiple diverse clients practicing in the healthcare field trust Sterling to design and construct fully-optimized buildings to provide vital services to patients in a safe and comfortable environment.  


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Behind every beautiful building Sterling erects lies a complex labyrinth of electrical, mechanical and engineering ingenuity simplified to synchronize and make things happen.  


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corporate interiors


Style and function don’t get left at the doorstep. Sterling Construction specializes in designing and creating stylish, modern corporate interior layouts to keep clients, staff and their customers inspired.  


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life sciences


From biotech to DNA testing, biologics and beyond, Sterling Construction has extensive expertise constructing highly-functional, beautiful buildings for clients in the life sciences arena. 


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