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Anticipate Versus React.


With any construction project, there’s a fine line between getting them done, and getting them done right. While coming in under budget, and earlier than expected, are goals any firm -and client- should strive for, they shouldn’t come with the sacrifice of quality. At Sterling Construction, we balance time, costs, and expectations with the realities of producing high quality work to ensure we exceed client expectations. It all starts with careful proactive planning, with precise communication and evolves into fluid collaboration between teams throughout all phases.


Our fast-track development approach is designed to leverage overlapping design, procurement and construction phases to reduce project schedules and minimize overall costs. As projects evolve from design to construction, we proactively review, refine and collaborate with clients to level set expectations and ensure alignment. The result – an agile, synchronized construction team that produces high-end results within optimal timelines and budgets so clients can get to market faster.


Seamless Execution, Minimal Interruption.


While precise planning, collaboration, and execution are integral components of any “new” construction project, they are even more critical when performed live onsite at an existing place of business. While most construction companies are competent at breaking new ground, only a select few have the skills and experience to execute a new project, expansion or remodel seamlessly with minimal interruption to the client’s day-to-day activities. In short, it’s an art and science that separates Sterling Construction from the competition.


  1. First, we conduct meetings with the end-user – i.e. user group- to discuss needs, potential constraints and optimal workflow requirements to identify opportunities and challenges.
  2. Secondly, we draft a set of clear phasing plans that align congruently with the team’s needs, including work area, egress and other requirements to ensure all facets are planned and orchestrated fluidly.
  3. Thirdly, we review, refine, approve and implement all phasing plans with all User Groups involved to ensure all parties are in harmony with expectations.
  4. Finally, we proactively communicate and collaborate with all parties involved on a regular basis as projects progress and needs evolve.


Cost Transparency = Cost Savings.


Sterling Construction provides True Open Book Cost Management. Our project management tool (Procore) and accounting system (Spectrum) are fully integrated and function seamlessly with each other. All project costs are up to date and available any time for all parties to review, providing clients with total transparency.


This technology allows our team to properly assess all cost movements in real time and make any necessary potential adjustments. Hence, costs are accurate and communicated instantly, to keep all parties on the same page.

safety & quality

Safety is No Accident.


Safety is a core value that is fused into everything we do. It's how we think and perform on a daily basis. Executed through-out our entire organization our employees and trade contractors work together to create a culture of teamwork and accountability. Each of our project utilize a custom site specific safety plan as a tool to make all aware of the potential hazards as well as keep all informed of the project requirements. We practice a zero-tolerance policy to keep our project sites accident free.

document management / technology

Onsite and Online Collaboration.


With all the moving parts and pieces involved in a construction project, having a streamlined document management system is paramount to keep track of all the details. Sterling Construction utilizes state of the art technologies cloud based and onsite to streamline the document management process across all phases. Documents are clearly categorized, connected and accessible by all required / authorized parties to ensure project details are accounted/distributed for as projects evolve.

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