Drug delivery for patients

Redefining the Delivery of Biologics.


Reimagining treatment for our generation and generations to come

We envision a future when it is easier for patients to receive life-saving biologic therapies for cancer, rare diseases and other serious conditions, and it is more efficient and cost-effective for healthcare providers to administer them.


Elektrofi is focused on the formulation and delivery of biologics. 

Protein therapeutics have dramatically changed the treatment landscape for cancer, rare diseases and other chronic and serious conditions. Despite their growing importance, the delivery of these medicines – usually via hours-long intravenous infusion – is burdensome for patients, raises costs and makes the development of new biologics more challenging.


The amount of time biologic drug delivery takes will drop from hours to just seconds


Our aim is to create nothing less than a paradigm shift in the delivery of biologics – one that can dramatically improve patient access and affordability, improve the convenience and logistics of administration, and enable drug manufacturers to more easily develop breakthrough therapies.

Changing the drug delivery paradigm across the healthcare ecosystem


 Our Technology

Sometimes it is rocket science

In 2016, Elektrofi’s founding team of MIT engineers and scientists combined their deep expertise in rocket science and biochemistry to focus on the development and delivery of “ultra-high” concentration biologics.

The reason?

To meet the significant unmet need for easier, less burdensome and more cost-effective ways to administer these often life-saving therapies – and in the process redefine the standard of biologic drug delivery by transforming the patient experience.


Revolutionary Protein Formulations

Using our proprietary technology platform, we engineer high-concentration, low syringe force protein formulations capable of being administered in small volumes via simple subcutaneous injection rather than hours-long intravenous infusion. Infusions may cause patients discomfort and inconvenience, increase the risk of infection, and require costly utilization of healthcare services.

While most protein formulations become nearly unusable at concentrations greater that 200 mg/mL due to their high viscosity, Elektrofi's particle suspensions can reach concentrations greater than 400 mg/mL without exceeding viscosity limits and while preserving the full activity of the biologic. We create microparticles that are comprised of 70%+ protein utilizing a proprietary particle formation procedure. Our proprietary desiccation process subjects proteins to less thermal stress than competing drying technologies, preserving function and structure. In doing so, we minimize protein-protein interactions and aggregation that have previously been inherent to high concentration protein biologics. This enables healthcare professionals to subcutaneously administer high doses of biologic therapies in a relatively small volume within seconds.


High-Tech Processing & Modern Applications

Elektrofi’s formulation system can effectively process a wide range of therapeutic molecules. Our technology has the capacity to process large, increasingly complex and delicate proteins including monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics and fusion proteins. ElektrojectTM particles demonstrate bioactivity equivalent to standard formulations and can be injected through a 27-gauge needle. Our gentle technique enables the production of smooth microparticles of defined size and shape without compromise to the molecular structure and bioactivity of the biologic. The drug product is designed to be room temperature stable and delivered in a prefilled injectable device.

Furthermore, we enable the transport of life saving biologics in particle form. In doing so, we decrease transport volume by over 30 times and obviate the need for cold chain storage enabling the delivery of these life saving drugs in a cost efficient manner.

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Value across the healthcare ecosystem

Elektrofi's high-concentration, low syringe force biologic formulations offer key advantages to:

  • Patients – who will experience less pain and discomfort, spend less time receiving treatment, experience fewer infections and gain access to therapies that otherwise might not be developed
  • Healthcare providers – who will have more time to administer therapy to more patients (higher patient throughput) and see fewer complications
  • Payers – that will spend less in overall reimbursement for time, personnel and equipment, with more patients treated per dollar spent
  • Drug developers – that will be able to overcome otherwise intractable delivery challenges to make new breakthrough therapies available to patients

We are a privately-owned, preclinical-stage company engaged in strong partnerships dedicated to redefining the standard of drug delivery by transforming the patient experience.

Based in Boston.
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