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Based on upon our shared beliefs on the importance of, commitment and integrity, we formed Sterling Construction in 2015 to fill an important missing gap in the construction industry. We call it collaborative inspiration.

With 42+ year’s combined hands-on experience, Nathan and I discovered that buildings aren’t really made of brick and mortar – they’re planned, designed and built with inspiration and passion. Not by the contractors themselves, but via a collaborative effort from start to finish with all parties involved. Diverse people with all kinds of ideas, experience and even attitudes that when harnessed properly can produce beautiful work together.


At Sterling Construction, we mix the emotions of inspirational thinking with rational construction methodologies to inspire people to build things they thought they never could.  The result – structures that capture attention, inspire creative thinking and keep clients coming back for more.


Let’s build something together.

Andrew Colameta | PRESIDENT

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Email: ​acolameta@sterlingconstruct.com

As co-founder and President, Andy plays a hands-on, leadership role throughout all project phases to inspire state-of-the-art, functional buildings that exceed client expectations. A licensed electrician at heart, Andy evolved his 20+ year’s construction experience by attending business and construction school at night, while honing his architectural, design and general construction skills with large firms. 


Recognizing a glaring need in the marketplace for executive-level collaboration with clients for all project sizes, Andy co-founded Sterling Construction in 2015 to capitalize on the opportunity. Andy’s inquisitive mind, customer-focused mentality and quest for optimized logistics on all projects compliment his business partner’s back-end skills in construction planning and execution.


Driven by becoming the preferred construction partner rather than the biggest, Andy also shares his knowledge and expertise educating students on the principals of construction management at various Massachusetts learning institutions.


Take a listen to Andrew on the Mass Construction Show Podcast - HERE


Office: 781-361-7500

Cell: 978-793-6429

Email: npfleegor@sterlingconstruct.com

As co-founder and Vice President, Nathan plays an integral, onsite execution role for all client projects. A 20+ year construction veteran across multiple disciplines, Nathan’s at home with a hammer and saw in hand, playing a hands-on role in executing projects from vision to blueprint to completion. 


Complimenting Andy’s customer-facing role, Nathan is a master at project planning, problem solving and phasing, enabling the company to execute flawlessly. While generally behind the scenes, Nathan is the company’s go-to expert to figure things out and make them happen. A problem-solver at heart, Nathan enjoys making complex projects look easy by optimizing the people, tools and opportunities that surround him.

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