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At Sterling Construction, service begins long before the first shovel breaks ground. An integral catalyst for all successful projects, our Pre-Construction services create a platform for open dialog between all parties to discuss, blueprint and refine project specifications together. In parallel, we engineer a fluid Logistics Plan to ensure an optimal, safe and productive onsite work environment. In concert, to compress project timelines, costs and resources, our Design Build team works simultaneously on all design, procurement and construction facets – in turn, minimizing potential change orders and reducing overall project costs.





We are often brought in upfront by clients before they purchase a building to conduct feasibility studies of systems and provide master planning / budgeting to assist them in their decision making. Conducting due diligence in advance provides clients with the intel they need to make confident purchase decisions prior to embarking on a major construction job.   




pre-construction services

Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.


Like any great work of art, every project needs vision and planning prior to picking up a hammer. When executed properly, effective planning across multiple constituents saves time and money while reducing unnecessary waste. If skipped or hurried, the finished product typically mirrors the lack of upfront thought reflecting poorly upon all parties involved.


Sterling Construction clearly strategizes and plans every phase of every project by orchestrating precision communication between all parties – from client to architect, trade contractors and internal staff to ensure projects are built as planned. Coupled with our extensive industry experience, we study, learn and evolve to stay ahead of industry changes, by listening to what the market needs and adapting accordingly.





Oversight, Under Budget.


Managing projects as they evolve is just as critical as the finished product. From concept to completion, Sterling Construction’s integrated Design Build team orchestrates fluid communication between design, procurement and construction facets to help reduce time and costs, while optimizing project results.


Sterling Construction's Design Team plays a hands-on role alongside client engineers and managers to make joint decisions, expedite processes and provide real-time cost assessments. The result – quality projects produced on time and within budget that exceed client expectations.

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